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Since its inception, Watson, Roach, Batson & Lauderback, P.L.C., has earned recognition as one of the most successful and accomplished litigation firms not only in Knoxville and Tennessee, but also throughout the Southeast.

Watson Roach was formed in 1983 by founding partner Robert H. Watson, Jr. Mr. Watson built the firm with the help of many other talented and dedicated attorneys and members of staff, and the firm quickly developed a reputation for excellence in civil litigation, particularly in the representation of local governmental entities and in the representation of medical professionals in health care liability matters. Jon G. Roach and John T. Batson, Jr. joined the firm in 1990.

The Firm has changed names throughout the years, but Mr. Watson’s legacy of principled, vigorous and aggressive defense of litigation matters remains among the Firm’s guiding precepts. Watson Roach attorneys aim to work hard and be better prepared than their adversary, and to put their experience to work for their clients.

At Watson Roach, every case is aggressively defended from its onset. The Firm has a demanding motion and discovery practice that is tailored to meet the varied needs of its clients. While many defense firms lean on the practice of delay and settle, Watson Roach relies on a skilled defense strategy. The Firm sets the tone for the lawsuit by taking action and putting its clients in the decisive posture.

Watson Roach attorneys regularly work with insurance and risk management companies and professionals. Watson Roach is familiar with the considerations and factors that influence litigation decisionmaking from a claims professional’s perspective, and Firm attorneys work in tandem with those professionals in managing litigation. Watson Roach attorneys also regularly handle coverage and first party litigation.

Civil litigation is stressful for all parties involved, but particularly for individuals or entities accused of misconduct. Watson Roach attorneys strive to keep individual and corporate clients informed of and involved in the litigation process, and take as much of the burden of litigation as possible off the shoulders of the client.

When the stakes are high as they always are when a legal dispute is heading to court, a lawyer’s or law firm’s experience can make all the difference. Watson Roach’s tailored trial strategies, team approach, combined with the requisite knowledge, skill, loyalty, creativity, and perseverance are the winning edge for the Firm’s clients.

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